How much will an AME consultation cost?

Charges for meetings with AME educators are typically less than expert witness fees. The hourly fee ranges from $350 to $500 per hour (billed on 15 minute units).

What other costs are there?

If the AME educator travels to your location, there will be travel and modest hourly-fee charges A retainer may be requested. In some circumstances there may be supply costs for the teaching sessions – these will be rare and very modest.

How do I meet the AME educator?

There are various ways you can meet with the educator – in person, by phone or on-line. You are welcome to travel to meet the educator, or to ask them to visit you. Having the educator travel to you may incur other costs, including a predetermined travel-time charge, travel, and room and board costs. In some cases, when an educator travels to your location, a retainer is required.

Can I approve the AME educator before the meeting?

Yes. You will be given the CV of the AME educator before your first meeting. If you are not satisfied with their background, you can ask for a different educator.

Can I change AME educators?

Yes. If you are not fully satisfied with your engagements with the AME educator, you can request a new educator. You will be able to review their CV before your first meeting.

How long will the AME engagement last?

The short answer is half a day. This has been the experience of AME founder Dr. William Rosenblatt. Of course you are welcome to engage the AME educator for as long as you wish.

What will the AME educator and I do during our meeting?

Each AME educator has a different teaching style, just as each field of medicine may warrant different teaching techniques. The educator may elect to hold discussions with you, may use graphic and video teaching aids, or even include whole body simulation and biological specimens.

Can I discuss the specifics of a case with the AME educator?

Yes, but only after both parties are satisfied that the goal of attorney education in the relevant field has been met.

Is the AME educator the same as an expert witness?

No. AME is not an expert witness service. The AME educator is there to teach you the relevant science, standards and jargon of the medical field specific to your case.

What if I like the AME educator and want to use them as an expert witness?

If you feel that your AME educator would be a good expert witness for your case, you are welcome to solicit their participation. Any expert witness work by the AME educator should be invoiced between you and the individual doctor, and is outside the scope of AME.

Can I bring case files with me?

Though we discourage your bringing case files with you, you can discuss case specifics after both parties are satisfied with the education session. The time spent discussing the case will be added to your AME fees. If you engage the AME educator for later expert witness work, you should arrange billing directly with the physician, outside of AME.

Can I have someone else with me and will this incur a charge?

Yes and no. You are welcome to bring along a partner, paralegal or other staff – as many as you wish. Because you are paying for the AME educator's time, there is no extra charge. Be aware, however, that the more people you bring, the more dilute the in-person experience will be. In the past we have found that four or five persons is the maximum for a great experience.

How do I pay for the AME engagement?

You will be billed directly from AME.  There is no need to pay the educator. Payments are due in 90 days.

Is there a minimum charge for the AME engagement?

Yes. You will be charged for a minimum of four (4) hours. But because we want you to be satisfied with our service, we will invite you to re-meet, call or otherwise engage the AME educator if you and the educator do not require the minimum time on the first meeting. Only after the minimum of four hours of education time is satisfied will you be further charged.

I am a defense attorney, and my client can teach me what I need to know about his/her field of medicine. Why do I need AME?

AME educators are independent, objective and expert. Even in the best of circumstances, your client is likely to be biased towards his or her own practice. The client may not be objective in evaluating the claims against him or her.

An insurance company may not agree to engage a non-witness educator onto the case. How do I convince them otherwise?

The insurer wants you to win this case. AME arms you with expert knowledge that will not only help you in examinations, but also reduce expert-witness expenses by bringing your understanding of the case up to par with the expert. AME educator fees are typically lower than expert witness fees.

I have an expert witness who can teach me the science, jargon and standards I need to know.

Many physicians in the prime of their practice and the at the top of their field don’t enjoy medical malpractice work, and hence don't make themselves available as expert witnesses. Because attorney education does not involve issues of litigation, the best doctors in the country are more willing to participate.

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